About Me

About me

I was born a graphic designer. As soon as I had a firm grip on a pencil crayon I was authoring and illustrating, creating and constructing.

I established Nick Ball Design at the start of 2011, after 13 years of working for design agencies, with only two aims; to support my family using the skills and talents I had developed and to create visually stunning, commercially successful design work. I have remained true to that vision, choosing projects with care and striving to exceed expectations.
I work closely with clients, drawing on their in-depth understanding and passion for their business sector. Experience has taught me that design projects which inspire engagement and accelerate an organisations development are the result of shared ownership between designer and client, a defined business aspiration, and a clear creative vision.
The moment within a project I cherish most is when a client begins to realise the full potential of the ideas we have developed. When they start to think beyond their initial vision and see a world of possibilities open up. I know at this point, when they have taken emotional ownership and fallen in love with the imagery we have created, that soon after their audience will follow.
I also offer design and build services for simple websites and for larger, more technically intense digital projects I have the support of several well-established specialists.  Over the last few years, I have produced numerous animated explainer videos and used moving graphic imagery to help clients promote via video. It has been a fantastic opportunity to bring my design ideas to life. 
Design, Marketing and PR agency support

As well as working directly with clients, I offer creative support to marketing, public relations, and design agencies. Either to expand their capacity, increase their offer, or add a fresh perspective. Companies sometimes ask me to do the straightforward stuff so they can focus on more exciting projects, alternatively, when they feel stuck in a rut with a long-time client I can offer a new angle. When agencies are not quite busy enough for a whole new designer my flexibility is exactly what they need to keep on top of things.