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Logo Design Various

Logo design is one of the purest disciplines of graphic design, drawing on illustrative, conceptual and aesthetic abilities simultaneously. Sadly, it can be difficult for new businesses to see the benefit of commissioning a bespoke brand mark with so many off the shelf solutions on offer. Those who invest time and effort however reap future benefits as customers not only recognise them via their unique symbol but come to associate it with the quality of service they offer.


Ian Waddelow, Business Change Catalyst

"Nick describes himself as a graphic designer and illustrator. This is true. He can draw and his work is beautiful. But this description can be misleading for what makes Nick truly  unique - and lifts him head and shoulders above his peers – is his ability to read between the lines and get to the very essence of your project.  Before sketching anything, he asks searching questions and digs ever deeper, peeling off the layers until he arrives at the very heart of the matter, identifying exactly what you need rather than simply dishing up what you say you wanted. This makes him an alchemist. He can take your leaden brief and turn it into gold – in such a humble and efficient way that working with him is an effortless delight. A guy who can produce something fresh and new yet totally commercial?  That, my friends, is very rare and seriously creative.  I urge you to use him now – before your competitors do."